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04.12.14 Results and future of WIKIAlps presented at the final conference
The Final Conference of the WIKIL1010681.jpgAlps project took place at the premises of the European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano (EURAC) on 04 December 2014. The project contributed to improve the accessibility of project results in the thematic field of “Inclusive growth” and “Resource efficiency and ecosystem management” to secure that knowledge and experience from the Alps will be available and easy to find as information asset for the development of the next Alpine Space programming period 2014-2020. “WIKIAlps realized a powerful tool, which enables a better access to results, assists stakeholders working on transnational spatial development and facilitates the dissemination of information for policy making” - says project leader Caroline Pecher (EURAC). At this occasion, the project results and the future of the wiki were discussed in a panel with a representative of the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention (Marianna Elmi), the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps (Anita Konrad) and the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Alpine Space Programme (Stefania Amorosi), which are interested in promoting the use of the wiki. The need of engaging stakeholders in contributing to the wiki was often underlined during the panel discussion. For this reason, the WIKIAlps team will further exchange ideas with interested institutions on the future development and promotion of the wiki. 



WIKIAlps @ ForumAlpinum2014

The WIKIAlps project was presented L1010681.jpgat the Forum Alpinum 2014, held in Darfo Boario Terme from 17 to 19 October 2014. The Forum Alpinum is a biennial scientific conference promoting international research cooperation across the Alps. Caroline Pecher (EURAC research, WIKIAlps lead partner) moderated the concept workshop “Learning lessons the easy way – improving access to and transferring project results in the Alpine Space: Experiences from the WIKIAlps project”, part of the plenary session on governance of alpine resources. “The workshop" – says Caroline Pecher - "addressed the different steps necessary for closing the gap between scientific research, implementation and policy”. During the session it was shown and discussed how to structure projects results to the everyday needs of stakeholders and decision makers. Stefan Marzelli and Axel Borsdorf (pictured) working at ifuplan and IGF respectively, provided inputs to the discussion on the reorganization of project results and described the new platform WIKIAlps. The latter contribution outlined which are the opportunities and challenges for information dissemination and how WIKIAlps can improve the access to Alpine Space project results.



12.09.14 IV Conference Graubünden forscht: Felipe Cortines (EURAC) presented WIKIAlps


The fourth conference „Graubünden forscht – Young Scientists“ was held in Davos on Wednesday, September 10-11.09.2014. Around sixty young academics presented their latest research findings and demonstrated the diversity and high quality of research. Felipe Cortines (Institute for Alpine Environment) represented the EURAC at the conference presenting a poster on “WIKIAlps – a wiki for capitalizing on spatial development projects”. The “Graubünden forscht” is a great opportunity for networking and meeting young researcher working on multidisciplinary projects, in this regard the insights from WIKIAlps were highly appreciated at the conference as an easier access to project results is seen as crucial for an effective information exchange among scientists, policy makers and general public – says Felipe Cortines. 
Picture source: AcademiaRaetica


01.09.14 The Registration for the Final Conference is Open!
The WIKIAlps Final Conference will take place on 4 December 2014 (9.30-16.30) in Bolzano/Bozen (Italy). For further information please refer to the events section of this website.



01.07.14 Special Newsletter issue on Transnational Working Tables Resultss

In the newsletters section you can find available a brief document containing some of the results from the vivid group discussion among the stakeholders that participated in the Innsbruck and Courmayeur working tables.  Some really interesting facts are presented as well as the first impressions and reaction on WIKIAlps, the project´s wiki.



06.06.14 Transnational best practices in spatial development: WIKIAlps meets stakeholders

L1010681.jpgThe second Transnational Working Table took place on 28 May in Courmayeur (Italy). To the discussion participated different representatives of French, Italian and Swiss regional departments working on environment safeguard and territorial policy. The different working groups tackled a wide range of opportunities and challenges related to the transnational dimension of spatial development. From the three discussion tables, for instance, emerged that often stakeholders do not have enough awareness about initiatives, which are relevant for the projects they are working on. Therefore stakeholders underlined the necessity to share more experiences in terms of strategies and best practices on how different countries solved similar problems they faced. On this regard, the WIKIAlps wiki can offer a platform to encourage this exchange and create a network with other Alpine Space projects results. Researchers working on the WIKIAlps project are currently working on how to make more clear and easy to access information on synergies among different projects. The participation of local administrators and representative of cooperation programs among different alpine regions, also offered the possibility to discuss about the role, which best practices such as the Espace Mont Blanc initiative, can play in the field of transnational territorial development.

06.05.14 Insights from the Innsbruck Transnational Working Table

L1010681.jpgThe first Transnational Working Table took place on 6 May in Innsbruck (Austria) with participants coming mainly from the Eastern part of the Alpine Space. The aim of this meeting was to understand the main transnational issues in territorial development that countries face from the point of view of different stakeholders. The meeting was also the first public event to present WIKIAlps, the project’s wiki, and its functionalities as an information and discussion platform for a sustainable spatial development in the Alpine Space. The day was structured by impulse presentations from the WIKIAlps team, followed by animated and very fruitful group discussions in the morning and the afternoon. Participants from different countries discussed their insights, experiences, needs and expectations about spatial development in the Alps and their impressions about the wiki. One main outcome that emerged from the discussion sessions was the necessity of making more information on spatial development in the Alps available, such as good practices, recommendations, projects results, information about stakeholders and planning documents. It was pointed out that the lack of awareness, information and knowledge is often a cause of ineffective or contradictory policies on spatial development at different administrative levels, rendering the planning of new interventions more difficult. Stakeholders agreed that a tool like WIKIAlps could help to overcome these problems.


25.03.14 Transnational working tables in May 2014: what are they about?

We will bring together civil servants, public administrators, researchers, entrepreneur and the interested public from all over the Alpine Space. The aim is to learn from your experiences and discuss with you to what extent you have benefited from Alpine Space project results and what your expectations, concerns and needs are about future spatial development in the Alps.

Read more about it in the invitation and agenda!



28.02.14 !New dates! - Transnational working tables

The dates of the two Transnational working tables have changed!

Innsbruck (AT): Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Courmayeur (IT): Wednesday, 28 May 2014



25.-26.02.2014 WIKIAlps partner meeting

IMG_7982.JPG The WIKIAlps partner meeting took place in the premises of the Swiss Center for Mountain Regions (SAB). This fruitful meeting gave us the opportunity to discuss the first results and work together on the next steps in our project: the transnational working tables to be held in May, project analysis, feeding the wiki with information on spatial development in the Alps and selected Alpine-Space projects.






14.02.2014 - The WIKIAlps project flyer is online!

The project flyer is available in the following Alpine Space languages: English, French, German, Italian, and Slovenian. You can download it directly from the WIKIAlps web site. For more details click here.




03.02.2014 - The first WIKIAlps project Newsletter is available.

Inside it you can find the latest news, information about the forecoming Transnational working tables and a very interesting interview with the project partners from Ifuplan. Check it out here!


01.10.2013  WIKIAlps kick-off meeting

IMG_7982.JPGThe WIKIAlps project was officially started with the Kick-Off meeting in the EURAC in Bozen/Bolzano (Italy). The seven WIKIAlps partners brought their expertise and good ideas to the meeting, in which the first activities were planned and decisions were taken. Apart from the WIKIAlps project partners, also Stefanie Bischof from the JTS in Munich participated in the meeting.