The overall aim of the WIKIAlps project is to facilitate balanced and shared territorial development in the Alpine Space by overcoming national borders. In order to reach this goal, the related project objectives are as follows:

  • Identification of missing links, not recognized synergies, unsolved contradictions among these projects and their results.
  • Capitalising on the results of these selected Alpine Space projects by analysing:
    • how spatial development processes are considered by former Alpine Space projects and
    • how the results of these projects can support the development of a transnational governance in view of a macro-regional strategy for the Alps.    
  • Setup of a WIKIAlps wiki reorganising selected project outcomes in order to provide rapidly operative information ready-to-use for spatial development policy design.   
  • Creation of a discussion platform on the topic of “spatial development”.
  • Provide recommendations to major stakeholders (policy makers and civil servants at different administrative levels) as well as to researchers and entrepreneurs on:
    • The methodology for the analysis and transferability of project results.
    • How to integrate and use WIKIAlps project results in transnational spatial development policy design.