Why a wiki for research projects in the Alps?


Spatial development is a crucial issue in the Alpine Space where economy, society and environment have to coexist in a very confined space. Although this often raises transnational questions within the Alpine Space, it is usually regulated at either local, regional or national level. This poses a number of challenges for coherent development in the Alpine Space and within the framework of the European Union. In order to overcome national borders, some initiatives have been started in border regions such as the “Espace Mont-Blanc” between France, Italy and Switzerland or the “Euregio Bodensee” between Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. However, a challenge that remains is to coordinate national regulations and to bring together different stakeholders. 


The results of former Alpine Space projects dealing with spatial-development issues provide innovative solutions for existing challenges in spatial development in the Alpine Space. The idea behind WIKIAlps is to capitalise on such projects by putting together, reorganising and communicating these results with a transnational perspective of spatial-development in order to stimulate the implementation of transnational approaches and the creation of synergies beyond national borders.

The Alps need common approaches in order to reach a sustainable development, as it is also required by the Alpine Convention. WIKIAlps will try to help the people responsible to achieve this common approach.




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